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Rainbarrels by Dan

And other recycled goodies....

Photo Gallery

Cool Gardening Ideas Cool Gardening Ideas 155832703 Good use for broken tacklebox Planted with assorted herbs. 155832699 Assorted SWP's You can make self watering planters out of just about anything. 155832700 Assorted SWPs 16 oz water bottle, coffee canister, 1 gallon olive oil container.. 155832701 Pole beans in SWP Growing in a 3 gallon self-watering container. 155832698 Tomatoes In a 4 gallon bucket 155832706 Celery Next time you cut the bottom off a head of celery, just plant it and now you'll have all the celery you need. 155832702 Old gutters Great way to grow lettuce and herbs. 155832704 Scallions Next time you buy a bunch of scallions, dont throw out the bottoms. Plant them and you'll have scallions for a long time. Keep them in water until you can plant them. You'll literally will see them start growing within the hour. 155832705